what would the sub-mariner* do?

modelland 6

chapter 1

it took took 2 kicks on the kickstarter to start the motorcycle. granted, it wasn't his old 2003 kawasaki ninja 6 rr, but this twin, black, four-stroke had its own song. ttthhhhhhhrrrrruuuuuuuummmmp throoo-throoooo-throoooom vvvvvvvaaaa vvvvaaaaa vvvvvaaaaaaa-vvvvooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmm.

for a split second he thought of the devil's ride*, and rockem. and all the guys, everyone. but this was not that earth. it wasn't the earth of his 6rr. it wasn't the earth of where weed was illegal.

the sub-mariner*, took thought. he put the black bike in gear -- kuh-lunk-- and coasted toward the other end of the dark alley, towards the street, slower than he thought he would, hunched down just a touch, looking out for copyright cockroaches* with a touch less apprehension than when he gave the kickstarter its first failed boot, but profoundly alert, on the lookout, for the copyright cokroaches. they could come at you any time, from anywhere.